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About Layce Lynne

Born a military brat in France and the half middle child of 6 kids, I traveled a lot.  I was very shy looking for a place to hide.  Being in front of a camera or on a stage was the last thing I thought would ever happen.  One day in Junior High my choir teacher came to me asking for me to be a part of a school play...I was scared to death!  I thought of every way possible to get out of doing this task but had no choice, this was part of my grade.  As we began to rehearse, I realized something important...I could escape.  I could become someone else for a short while and experience something new.  Rehearsals where hard, I had a difficult time understanding what was needed of me.  Opening night came and I was terrified and couldn't breath... I felt like I was going to pass out.  Then it happened, I was on stage and it was like a light just turned on.  I was no longer the one standing on the stage, it was the character I was portraying.  I knew at that moment it was where I needed to be.  A love began that I couldn't deny.  Growing up I continued to involve myself in theater.  My parents weren't familiar with what needed to be done for my career so I did what I thought I needed to just to be on stage.  As I got older I learned that I could also do film, for some reason I thought I had to be a star in order to do film... I know pretty sad but that's what I believed.  Then I learned about "Background Extras" Having the chance just to be on set thrilled me.  I believe I was very lucky and had a chance to be on set for quite a few major sitcoms, movies and even a couple of commercials.  Life took over and I had to stop for a bit but now I'm back and doing what I love.  I never want to wonder if I could have made it I want that opportunity to try.

In my eyes, the measure of success for what you do is not how much you make, its by doing the thing that you truly love and being able to survive.  Today that's me!

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